Woolly Bugger; black; bead head; streamer; 12 streamers: # 6, 8, 10.


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For sale; Woolly Bugger; black; bead head; streamer; 12 streamers: # 6, 8, 10.

You receive; as pictured 4 each of Woolly Bugger; black; bead head; streamer; 12 streamers – # 4, 6, 8, 10.

The black – bead head – is an excellent sub-surface fly for larger fish. Made of Marabou, flashabou and chenille the fly moves in the water like a leech or small fish, both appetizers for trout, bass, char and other aggressive fish.  Especially effective in darker and/or deeeper water.

Usually fished with a shorter leader to get the fly down to near or on the bottom of lakes and rivers.

The bead head helps the fly to drift to the bottom  and helps to serve as a bit of attraction.

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