Damselfly nymph tan, brown; olive – 12 flies – # 10,12.


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KOOTENAYLIFESTYLES offers for sale; Damselfly nymph tan and olive – 12 FLIES – # 10,12.. 2 colors; tan and olive.

You receive; as pictured – Damselfly nymph – 12 flies –

3  each of olive # 10  .

3  each of tan # 10  .

3  each of tan # 12  . .

The Damselfly nymph # 10,12.  is  effective from May until well into July in northern areas and also as late season nymph as the fish stock up for winter. Warmer areas have Damsels hatching all year round. They are a very nutritious food , close to their cousin the Dragonfly. It is no wonder trout go after them. Damselfly live mainly in lakes and usually hatch in the mid morning to mid afternoon.

The marabou tail is especially effective after it is wet as it will pulsate and move as you retreive the fly.

Fished with a dry, sink-tip or sinking line. Damselfly are Fished from just under the surface film to the bottom with a slow jerky retrieve. Damselfly come in colors from light tan to dark brown or black including blue and red. Olive is highly popular with Fly Guys(Gals).

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