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5 Top flies for Bull Trout/Char/Dolly Varden.

5 Top flies for Bull Trout/Char/Dolly Varden.

Colors – black, purple, brown, olive for colored water.

Colors – white, black, purple, brown for clear water

Depending on water depth and speed use plain, bead head then cone head fly.

  1. Woolly Bugger
  2. Zonker
  3. Rabbit Muddler/Sculpin
  4. Muddler Minnow
  5. Mudler Minnow.

3 Top rods for Bull Trout/Char/Dolly Varden.

  1. 7 or 8 weight rods.
  2. 9 weight (heavier for long days).
  3. 6 weight for smaller Bulls in slower water.

3 Top rods and lines for Bull Trout/Char/Dolly Varden.

  1. Sink-tip – slow to extra fast depends on depth and speed.
  2. Full sink – again speed of sink depends on water.
  3. Floating – for shallow water.
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5 Top Lake flies for Trout fishing – early season.

5 Top Lake flies for Trout fishing – early season.

  1. Leech
  2. Chironomid
  3. Water Boatman
  4. Scud
  5. Woolly Bugger

3 Top Lake rods for Trout fishing – early season.

Pretty much depends on the wize/weight of trout you will find in the lake.

  1. 7 weight rods for deep water chironomids.
  2. 5 or 6 weight with leeches, scuds or Boatmen in shallower water.
  3. 3 or 4 weight for trout up to about 14 inches or 1 pound.

3 Top Lake lines for Trout fishing – early season.

  1. Sink-tip – slow with leech, scuds, boatman.
  2. Full sink – for deep water chironomids.
  3. Floating – for shallow water. Use a bead head or lightly weighted fly.
  4. Intermediate sink – for water up to about 15 feet with leech, boatman, scud or chironomid.

Use a stiffer rod for sinking lines and medium flex rod for floating or maybe slow sink-tip lines. Very flexible rods maybe nice in a shop but they are harder to cast and they are tougher on any fish you plan on releasing.

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  1. Log into your bank account.
  2. Go to; Transfer funds.
  3. Go to; Interac e-Transfer
  4. Go to; Add Payee
  5. Type Kootenay Lifestyles
  6. Type email address; [email protected]
  7. English
  8. Security question; flies?
  9. Security answer; (type item bought-eg chironomid)
  10. Retype; (chironomid)
  11. Print out your order for yourself
  12. Press continue
  13. Send
  14. I will send a confirmation that your transaction is complete and when order will be sent.
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Early season fishing.

Early season fishing.

There is some good fishing early in the year. Maybe the catching is a little slow but just getting out for a few hours (no matter the weather, dress in layers) stimulates the body and soul.

For those searching for open water, remember the fish are generally lethargic. To preserve energy they will not move too far to grab food. Plus the food sources are usually not as abundant and active.

If you are lucky enough to find an ice free lake try fishing in the shallows where the water warms faster, especially if the sun is shining. Anchor if you want to cast or row very slowly if trolling.

Try these early season flies and if casting use a longer leader and tippet.

Try to match the colors and size of the resident insects is best but not the only option.

For Midges; any Chironomid pattern, Lady McConnell, Griffiths Gnat, Para Adams, Tom Thumb, and Mosquito.

Nymphs; Dragonfly, Damselfly, Caddis larva.

Scuds, Water Boatmen, Leeches, and Minnows are all available to fish and their high food value makes them attractive. Their lack of escape speed (except for minnows) also attracts fish.

Check out my store and listings for these patterns.

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